SEAFOAM FL melamine foam RAW

8 units of: SEAFOAM FL melamine foam RAW Light Grey Absorbent acoustic panels - 600 x 600 x 40mm (23,62 x 23,62 x 1,57In)

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The SEAFOAM is made of a flexible open-cell foam from melamine resin, a thermoset polymer. This foam is characterised by its three-dimensional network structure which consists of easily shaped thin filaments. The sound waves penetrate the open-cell structure, thus reducing the reflected energy and giving this product an excellent sound absorption capacity.

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NRC Average: 0,80 /m2
Raw material: melamine resin foam
Flame resistance: Germany B1, France M1, GB class1, USA V0/HF1
Good thermal insulation properties and humidity tolerance
Constant physical properties over a wide temperature range
Resistance to all organic solvents
Easy installation
Mounting: with glue (sold separately)

Additional information

Weight4 g
Dimensions650 × 650 × 350 mm


Pack Size


Material Info


Country of Origin


Pack Size Length (US) 25,59 in
Pack Size Width (US) 25,59 in
Pack Size Height (US) 13,78 in
Pack Weight (US) 9 lbs
Unit Length 600 cm
Unit Width 600 cm
Unit Height 40 cm
Unit Weigth (US) 0,7716 in
Unit Length (US) 23,62 in
Unit Width (US) 23,62 in
Unit Height (US) 1,57 in
Unit Weight 0,35 Kg
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