ARG acoustic foam aglomerate Raw

15 units of: ARG acoustic foam aglomerate Raw not specified Sounproofing acoustic panels - 1000 x 1000 x 20mm (39,37 x 39,37 x 0,79In)

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ARG is a product resulting from the agglomeration of flexible polyurethane foam of different densities, presented on plates, which shows a uniform and stable composition. Endowed with a porous cellular structure and unique physical and mechanical characteristics, ARG constitutes a central element in various building systems that allow solving the most complex acoustic problems of buildings, structures, machinery and the like. Find wide application in insulation systems percussion sounds, an area where leads, allowing the development of highly competitive solutions in terms of cost / benefit ratio. It is virtually universal in its application in double construction systems (or trucks) to meet the requirement of insulation to air sounds. This field is particularly important for systems “box-in-box” particularly when necessary for rehabilitation of buildings.

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Self-extinguishable recycled foam agglomerate
Made from the agglomeration of flexible polyurethane foam of different densities
Good fire resistance (M1 fire-class), uniform and stable composition
Great performance/cost. Supplied in 1m2 (10.76 ft2) plates
Installation: with contact glue
Wide range of thickness, from 2cm to 10cm (0.8″ to 3.9″) with 80Kg/m3 (others upon consulting and request)
Suitable for walls, ceilings and floors

Additional information

Weight31 g
Dimensions1005 × 1005 × 305 mm

Pack Size

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Material Info

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Pack Size Length (US) 39,57 in
Pack Size Width (US) 39,57 in
Pack Size Height (US) 12,01 in
Pack Weight (US) 69 lbs
Unit Length 1000 cm
Unit Width 1000 cm
Unit Height 20 cm
Unit Weigth (US) 4,4092 in
Unit Length (US) 39,37 in
Unit Width (US) 39,37 in
Unit Height (US) 0,79 in
Unit Weight 2,00 Kg
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